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RE: (TFT) Dexterity Problem in TFT

> I have admitted to tinkering with the DX defense matter in the past but I

> can't say it added any more realism to the game.

   I can hear this.  I mean to say it speaks to my ears.  We all enjoy
variations on the rules.  Further I'm willing to guess that there is a high
percentage of people here qualified to design a complete game system, or at
least a thorough overhaul of existing TFT.

   But it never ends.

   Someone designs a variant.  Someone designs a variant on that.  Like an
unstable organism that just keeps mutating and changing.  I mean seriously.
Ask you self.  Why do people love to redesign games, and not design _for_
games.  Why is that.  What is it about creativity that we can't ever bring
ourselves to do it within the parameters given.  We always have to paint
something, anything, outside the lines.  Even if it's just a purely cosmetic
minor tweek that has almost no impact on play what-so-ever.  It's a sickness
really.  More a compulsion.
   Say someone does finally make an ultimate perfect system.  Then the process
will continue.  That poor soul, probably one of us, will never haven anyone
design or create anything _for_ that system.  No one will support it in any
way.  Each persons first purpose will be to find a way to mutate it into their
own unique vision of what is more "realistic", "better", "justified", "fun",
or what ever pseudo emotional word is the current guiding star.
   It's a cruelty really.  We all desperately want to share our unique
variants.  Yet this is the one thing that guarantees we will never agree.
It's worse than cruel.  It makes all our efforts into wastes of energy.  Full
of sound and fury, and signifying nothing.  It breaks my heart to see so many
people who still believe, after all these decades, that if they can just
design the perfect system everyone will be interested.  What!?  Tell a story.
Naw.  Share a scenario that is tested fun for your players.  Never mind.  Make
something with the plain vannila rules.  Not gonna do it.

    It never ends does it.

    This is the way I see it.  Joel made a very vague allusion to DX.  It's
very vagueness is perceived as an open license to think or say anything.  A
blank check.  Very liberating.  I get it.  It appeals to me too on that level.
I too have things I can say about DX.  So what.  Everyone seems to have missed
one very important thing.  What did he actually say.
    I mean I tell stories all the time.  Has anyone noticed a player who
complained because of the way DX works.  Is this really a problem that actual
people who play the actual game are clamoring for.  Did his players ask for
this?  Cause if they did he didn't convey that at all.  He said "after all
these years"  and then he asked "how do you justify this"  Ok.  I have a
question.  After all these years, you didn't know that DX worked that way.
Are you seriously telling us that you just realized this.

     I have to ask.
     Have you ever even played this game before.

     For real?

    David Michael Grouchy II

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