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Re: (TFT) Dexterity Problem in TFT

David wrote:

"It's a sickness really.  More a compulsion."

This is so true, and we all have the disease. I have seen this in numerous wargame rules and we constantly hammer WotC for what the have done....continue to do to D&D. Really, we aren't all that different- ours variants just don't get published and we don't make gajillion dollars.

Is the DX defense issue a "problem"? Probably. It is one thing that comes up time after time after time... If it didn't come up so much, it might be dismissed. Is it one that can be handled without altering the rules? I think so. It just requires good tactics and good judgment in light of the significant danger involved in combat. The chances of getting slain by a nobody makes one play more carefully. Neil would probably confirm that no matter how good you are at martial arts, no matter how trained you are, someone can always get you...especially if you get cocky and underestimate your opponent. That's my experience anyway.

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