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Re: (TFT) all over the map

90 mph is 132 fps.
4800 lbs is ~873 ST.
873 * 132 = 115236
Aww that sucks.
90 mph for almost 2.5 tons is 115,000+ ST?
(ughhh on this whole figure)

1 pt of ST moves 5.5 pounds 1 ft per sec
100 pts ST moves 550 pounds 1 ft per sec per.
If I divide 115,000 ST by 100 ST for a horse power figure of 1150 hp.
Of course there's no driver or armor or guns or ammo or computers or etc. . (fuel cells are kindda cute though. but need a lot of discription)
An extra ton slows it down a bit I guess.

Cars are meant for roads

A sweet little article on some of the road stuff

The little people beckon... =====
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