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Re: (TFT) GURPS combat complexity etc.

Oh yeah... I forgot about the ST table in Champions...
1 ST = 10 kg or 22 pounds or 4 times the 5.5 pounds I use.
4 times normal for a genera including the Hulk and Superman seems like a
necessary shift to me.
I recall the Hero System stuff fondly but it's fundamentally opposed to an
open sandbox approach if your designing a Figure in response to a player
Figure, buying a dimension with character points that pops it into being
when is wasn't to begin with or so on.
I used to just roll up Traveler characters for the fun of using the tables.
Champion character design is kind of like that.
I don't have any Champions stuff to hand... I do have a Judge Dread
More phases.
It's in Car Wars too and helps get pedestrians off the street in Middleton.
Well that or the deer treatment...
TFT combat is a kind of Combat Results Table for a 5 second turn that has
It would be useful in the Hero System for stuff like a villain with a sea
of henchmen encounters for the hero's to wade through before getting to the
serious encounter that justifies phases.
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