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Re: (TFT) Re: Normal Human in Champions

Well, admittedly, that's the part that required an adversarial GM. We put a hard cap of 200 total points on characters, which in effect limited cheesy disadvantages. On top of that, things like hunteds and DNPCs were never considered cheesy, because when we rolled them they showed up and complicated the battles. Nobody was stupid enough to take vulnerability unless they were desperate (the GM would automatically send that vulnerability against you). That leaves public and secret ID's, which were always just free points and psychological limitations, which we just treated as a background story building exercise. If those got out of hand they could easily be abused by the GM, too.

The biggest min-max cheese was as someone pointed out earlier abusing multi-powers so that you had one energy blast that could be fire, ice, gamma radiation, or whatever other special effect you might need to hit a villain's vulnerability. But eventually the cost of those slots did, in fact, add up, and against a generic villain they wouldn't do any good. Power suits were another cheese effect since every single power you got was half again as powerful (I don't remember the exact math). They could be countered by EMP villains with the power limitation "Only versus electronically complicated components." Multipowers that effected primary stats was another, albeit complicated to figure out, one.

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> So was I.  Each villain
> published has "Villain Points" used to balance
> their points math.  That number is whatever it needs to
> be, with no
> limits.
The other is the cheesy
> Advantage/Limitation/Disadvantage
> game of squeezing points out of disadvantages that aren't
> really going
> to be problems once you factor in campaign assumptions and
> play style.
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