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Re: (TFT) Re: Normal Human in Champions

I remember noticing after play that in a big battle with Mechanon I had put
the players most on edge with a minor henchman I designed for a support
They knew Mechanon's sheet but who the heck was THIS guy?!?
For all they knew this guy was tailor made for somebodies disadvantages.

The Champions stuff is great at swapping points in super-hero feeling
chunks of blows that fit the genera.
TFT isn't geared like that.
I've been looking at a fatigue ST system that applies to fighter types as
much as it does to magic types to represent athletic like options but that
opens some interesting questions about ST batteries because fighter types
could end up using them as much as magic types.
This is how it reads technically but "other fatigue" is a very vague term
in TFT proper.
It always seemed to go without saying that a ST battery went to the Figure
that could use it which was the wizard types but not with fST options for
fighter types.
Also, it may be playable with fST as a decimal value of ST allowing more
points that recover quicker (1 per 90 seconds or 18 turns by TFT recovery).
The more I've learned about some of the hardbody training and similar
"Iron" techniques the more I've come to feel that major injury has a lot to
do with fatigue and unawareness with trained athletic types.
A lot of sports have aspects of very formalized combat.
Rather than trading full on injury, fatigue can be exploited and I consider
the cuts and bruises level as being fatigue type damage where the Figure
was doing as much physically to limit the damage to such a level like
rolling with the blow or tightening a muscle group as the blow lands.
This kind of stuff is forcing a Figure to spend fatigue and wearing them
The first spillover level is tweaking the Figures.
How I pulled my hamstring at the battle of Chesterestershire or "you'r
gonna need a stitch or two in that one" along with associated slippery
weapon grips and yada.
Your best bet is to not need surgery cause you can't get any most likely
and might not want it if you could get it.
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