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Re: (TFT) line of sight: archery. Opinions?

1.3m is 4.25ish ft. not 5 feet.


Square-hexes with each quarter-inch square ~13" or pretty much a foot
square for basic floor-plans etc.
Relative to the Figure of Joe Average Hero at 6' tall 1.3m is roughly the
span from wrist to wrist using classical Greek Art proportions leaving the
hands significantly reaching into the next hexes of the surrounding
mega-hex. Interestingly J. A. H.'s surface area is roughly equal to that of
the Square-hex so named because it's equal in area to the square inch, or
16 quarter-inch squares... but 13" "wiggle room" so to speak... ergo the
Scale-hexes 4x larger mag w/1 sq @ ~3.25" or about the size of the palm of
your hand most likely.
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