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Re: (TFT) Man To Man & GURPS - was Re: (TFT) The return of Ogre - Rick did something silly.

That was a pretty common problem for everyone.  That's one of the reasons
 I like Dark City Games' experience system so much -- it's both relatively 
stingy (and has a scaling system, of course) AND forces the players to make
 decisions about whether they want to "buff" their character or they want t
o learn a new skill or talent (which are now semi-independent of the base c
haracteristics in that you don't HAVE to buff in order to learn -- for exam
ple, you have to have IQ 10 in order to learn IQ 10 and lower spells and ta
lents, but other than that you can spend your experience to learn any and A
LL of those spells and talents if you want before you need to buff to IQ 11
 for the next set).  Mind you, I haven't played their system to destructi
on yet, but I've been using the rules quite a bit lately, and it seems to w
ork pretty well without rushing your character willy-nilly to godhood.  I
t also forces the player to make some tough choices as to what s/he
 wants to improve along the way and in what order; which to my mind, is alw
ays a good thing.

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> I never played a s
ystem that didn't break down with demi-god characters.

In most of my o
ld games we got around this by being really stingy with XP
and making the
 XP->DX/ST/IQ conversion more expensive so that things never 
got too unb
alanced.  A couple of early games in my group got absurd after a
 and we started from scratch at one point because it just wasn't


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