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Re: (TFT) Re: Nostalgia

Yep, what Kevin Perryman said -- you can do searches in google for "Free pd
f of _____" and quite often find things that are no longer in print.  Tha
t's one way I stumbled across the "Internet Archive" which has the complete
 collection of the Avalon Hill General magazine, all of the original Ares m
agazine (plus scans of the game components too), many of the old Space Game
rs (the ones not owned by SJG's anyway -- which you can still get from them
 in pdf form for a reasonable price), and so on.  And if any of you are l
usting after pdfs of a lot of the original OD&D/AD&D, 2nd Ed D&D, etc, allo
w me to recommend this site where you can find many of them perfectly l
egally.  They also have a pretty solid collection of The Dragon/Dragon Ma
gazine, and Dungeon Magazine if you're looking for old favorite articles or
 inspiration.  The resources are out there, all you have to do is look ar
ound a bit!  ;-)  Personally, I stay away from the bit torrent sites
 since I think most (if not all) of them are shady and probably illegal, bu
t different strokes, I suppose....


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Subject: (TFT) Re: Nostalgia

Everyone talking about the good ol' days thought I would post this ri

I do not know the legallity of possession of any of thes
e items, I can 
just say I aquired these over the years.  Not sure from
 where, but they 
are out there.  Google - The Way Back Machine and tha
t is a good 
starting point.  I know besides these items I have found a
ll of the old 
Space Gamers (well 80%+) of em in pdf as well as Compute a
nd several 
other magazines from the late 70's and early 80's.

games from Microgaming

And TFT Games

All of these pdf's tha
t I have found were made from EXCELLENT CONDITION 
copies and are great p

Several years ago, well now that I look at things closer to ten 
ago, I went to CRAZY EGOR'S GAME EMPORIUM and bought a lot of the 
Microgames and have them in unopened packages in a box that I pull o
from time to time and drool over.  I purchased used editions at the
time that I could play.  In 2012 he had to sell his big store an
discontinued his want list.  However, he still runs an ebay store wh
has tons of great materials still.

/ is the base website with some notes, etc.
Egors is his ebay store. (Talk about drooling).

I also do a lot throug
h www.DrivethroughRPG.com they have reprint rights 
to publish some of th
e older games in pdf.  I got the original Traveller 
series through the

Just keep your eyes open and hearts wanting and you will find thing
that bring back the good ol' days.

Always enjoyed running Melee/W
izard as strictly a hack-n-slash quick 
in/out game session and never use
d it for roleplaying.  At one time my 
group would sometimes substitute
 Melee/Wizard combat rules in AD&D and 
Twilght 2000 games in order to ma
ke things progress quicker.  So much 
that can be done with the old gam
es.  I remember using Micromachine cars 
for CAR WARS, they were 1" in 
length and fit the CAR WARS scale rules 
perfectly.  We would use an ol
d train table with roads, tracks, city 
buildings etc to run our CAR WARS
 games on.  Talk about realism, so much 
more than many minatures used 
way back then.

Anyway, THANK YOU EVERYONE for giving me some repreive 
from the daily 
grind and bringing back so many great memories.

 care and HAVE FUN!  Life is to short to worry about Would of, Could 
f, Should of, just do it and have fun doing it and that is all that 


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