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(TFT) spear & halberd damage

Practically all standard weapons in TFT follow a correspondence between ST and damage. Pole weapons do a little bit less, except for the weird "5th edition Melee" spears (though even those might be considered a little reduced since they are 2-handed weapons).

For non-pole weapons:

ST  9 1d+0        avg 3.5
ST 10 1d+1 / 2d-2 avg 4.5 / 5
ST 11 1d+2 / 2d-1 avg 5.5 / 6
ST 12 2d+0        avg 7
ST 13 2d+1 / 3d-2 avg 8.0 / 8.5
ST 14 3d-1        avg 9.5
ST 15 3d          avg 10.5
ST 16 3d+1        avg 11.5

Note the average damage steadily goes up approximately one per ST, with +0.5 for two-handed weapons.

For pole weapons in Advanced Melee / ITL:

ST  9 1d-1        avg 2.5
ST 11 1d+0 / 1d+1 avg 3.5 / 4.5   (the 1d+0 is for using a spear one-handed)
ST 13 2d+0        avg 7.0
ST 15 2d+2        avg 9.0

Note the damage steadily goes up approximately 2 per 2 ST, with javelins and spears doing .5 or 1.5 damage less but being one-handed and throwable. Also note the average damage is generally 1.5 less than using a non-pole-weapon of same ST/handedness.

To me, it seems like the 2d-1 "Melee Halberd" and the 1d+2 "5th Edition Melee Spear" are out of line:

ST 11 1d+2        avg 5.5
ST 13 2d-1        avg 6

Especially used together. The 1d+2 spear has +3 average damage on the javelin, and is only .5 less than the 2d-1 halberd. The 2d-1 halberd is also 3 damage less than the consistently 2d+2 pike axe. I'm admittedly prejudiced in favor of the AM/ITL rules, which I always used seeing no advantage of using plain Melee anything, but it also seems to me that these other spear/halberd damage numbers are just strangely off and for no reason I can think of.

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