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(TFT) Spear vs. Shortsword maneuvers

You both make good points. I think it depends on where there are obstacles, or not, too. If the arena is confined narrowly enough, or even if it has enough pillars, spear guy can advance more while still denying his side/rear hexes to a long move by sword.

I haven't done this in a while, so maybe I'm missing something, but:

On the Melee map, it's wide and open enough that although spear can deny his side/rear hexes completely by using the walls, he can't then charge to the other side. However he can always move 5 or less to a hex within 11 of spear, where sword can't move to side/rear. On the Melee map, this is guaranteed by the wall hexes which block 3 facings. On a wide open plain, this is guaranteed by always being able to move far enough away. This means that (unless Sword runs away), spear can count on eventually winning an initiative at range 7 to 11, moving second to end a turn at range 4-6, which gives spear a 50% chance of winning initiative and getting to charge, without giving sword a move of 5 or less to a side/rear.

And that means that sword can engage spear but not attack on the turn he does. Which means spear can disengage without being attacked, leading to an initiative roll and range 2. If spear wins, he charges; is sword wins, he runs around and engages side/rear, spear turns to face and a non-charge occurs.

So (and this sounds familiar from looking at this in years past, but maybe I mis-remember) this looks like a 75% chance for spear to cause a charge, to me.

I don't really mind the simulator assuming a first-round charge. There are a few edge cases in favor of polearms which the simulator doesn't take into account - such as knockdowns or disengagement leading to a possible later charge attack, or (in Advanced Melee) polearms going first on charges, and two-hex jabs.


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