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Re: (TFT) talents and magic weapons.

On 12/2/15 1:46 AM, Rick Smith wrote:

   We were playing a long series of arena combats with fighters
and wizards.  My friend Prasad created an elvin wizard with
something like ST 9, DX 14 and IQ 9 plus a few utility spells.
He came into combats armed with a wooden dagger with the
staff spell on it.

   He would charge forward..  engage us in HTH and kill us with
a dagger.  Our characters were totally unprepared for this
'unusual' style of combat from a wizard and he was a bit lucky
so he gained a couple attributes which he put into DX.

   Cool.  Kudos to him for coming up with a creative and
unusual character.  We admired the gutsiness of the design

   Then he claimed that this character was unbeatable.

   (I do not have the proper smilies to show my disbelief,
astonishment and the eye rolling preposterousness that I felt
about this claim.)

   So I created the 8, 8, 16 wizard with Summon 7 hex dragon.
First turn I summon dragon (had a 8 adj DX and rolled an 8).
Second turn Prasad knew he was in trouble when I passed out
maintaining it, and it roasted him.

   The win was absolutely dependent on luck.  I had a 25%
chance of making my spell.  And it would never work against
another wizard who didn't charge forward so I could engage
him on the first turn with the dragon.

   Anyway, he never made that claim again.

Good story! I might have gone for UC1, Shock Shield ("Secret protection!"), let him jump me for HTH, and then attempted to pin... but the summoned dragon has more flair.

Reminds me of the time my little brother did the same thing with a hob-- I mean halfling fighter. This particular halfling was a sha-ken specialist ("MPNS hobbit" in local parlance, where MPNS stands for "Murderous Psycho Ninja Sniper"). He'd rip lightly armored enemies to shreds with a big handful of sha-ken and make aimed face-shots against heavily armored ones. He started at ST 4, DX 18, IQ 8, and then put the character through a bunch of solitaire arena fights against dragons and stuff - all of which, of course, he won, and duly awarded himself experience for. By the time I walked in on his little self-gratification session, the character's adjDX was up to like 27 and bro was claiming that he was unbeatable.

Well, obviously I couldn't let this stand. So I made a 32-point fighter armed with half-plate and a dagger. I don't remember the exact stats, it was probably either 11, 13, 8 or 13, 11, 8.

Anyway, I charged out - well, waddled, given the adjDX penalty from the half-plate. Bro made his aimed shot through my faceguard, for double damage - but even that only came to like 4 points. Maybe 6. And then I was on him for HTH. Things ended pretty quickly for the unarmored, ST 4 halfling.

In hindsight, I'm not sure how I got him in HTH in the first place. His MA was better, his back wasn't to a wall, and I doubt I could have gotten around behind him. Ergo, he must have agreed to enter HTH - so ultimately it was suicidal overconfidence that did him in. Either that or ignorance of the actual HTH rules.

He seems to have absorbed the proper lesson though.

- Meg

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