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(TFT) Plot breaking spells.

Hi all, David.
  That sounds like a pretty cool wizard.  But in my campaign I nerfed
or removed a lot of the plot breaking spells.  Instead of Trance, I
have put in a bunch of divination spells that give vague hints (up
to strong hints if you have the high IQ versions), rather than a 
yes no question answered by the GM.

Warm regards, Rick.

On 2015-12-01, at 9:51 PM, David Bofinger wrote:
> Sorry, bumped send by accident.
> I was going to say of the 8-8-16 wizard that his core capabilities were
> Trance, Summon Dragon, Create Gate (with flunkies), Staff of Power. He's
> unreliable but when he pulls off the roll he's terrifying.
> Trance is one of several plot breakers in TFT, along with Telepathy.
> --
> David

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