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Re: (TFT) Megahex definition

From: David O. Miller >...Because of what custom terrain introduc
es to the playing surface we made a range finder string. It's basicall
y knotted off every 6 hexes, measuring along the hex spine. ...
We do a similar thing with small diameter dowel rods with painted bands. 
 Lay it along the firing line...checks the range and line of sight wit
h no math or arguments.  For longer distances which come up when playi
ng on the "wargaming" table top, we just use tape measures and have the ran
ges written as a chart for each person.  

From: Marc Gacy>...On an unrelated note, does anyone every play TFT on
 staggered squares(which for those who might not know, are equivalent to he
xes from a gamemechanics perspective)?
Not staggered but normal squares.  We switched from hexes to squares m
any years ago.  Any place in the rules where it says "hex", we substit
ute "square".  Any where is says "megahex" we substitute "block". ��A block is an arrangement of 3x3 squares. Since our 15 mm figures were m
ounted on 1/2" by 1/2" bases we made the squares that size on the game boar
d.  That worked with our dungeon wall/door models.  The blocks be
ing close enough to 10' by 10' in scale allowed us to easily map on graph p
aper, use other companies maps, etc.  It was a bit of a chore to conve
rt all the hex maps to square but how else are you going to spend your coll
ege years?

Rich B
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