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Re: (TFT) Megahex definition

>>> Question for Joe:

>> Yep.  you'd be surprised at how many times the "no attachments" policy
> has
>> kept the members of this list from having virus payloads come through
> list
>> emails.

> Thanks Joe!
> The old virus issue. That makes sense!


Never got a virus till M$ handed Me what... well aparently the
difference twixt malware and utility is M$ certified partner.

Adobe hit Me then I got on the "list" and the sub-contracted not pay
people just get a horkin big assed frontend... ughhhh stupid stupid




Mob fire insurance pushing protection out the front of the house while
the back of the house pumps out virsu mal scare ware

Not saying goodness don't bless Joe but the threat is always greater
than the execution

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