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Re: Why not close down the Brainiac TFT forum?

One other reason not to shut down, a while back we were having the discussion about a 11ST 13DX spearman vs 11 ST 13 DX Shortswordsman with Small Shield.  That discussion would probably have been shut down by a forum even though it was not contentious. 
And speaking to that, it states on page 12 of AW fourth paragraph last sentence.  A figure which has already moved, of course, may not change facing again.  So it is entirely possible to close with a spearman without taking charge damage, as long as the spear man ends his turn within 8 hexes of the swordsman the swordsman can get to the spearman side hex without taking charging damage. Unless the spearman has his back to the wall or some other obstacle all the time the swordsman should only get hit with a charge about 50% of the time. 
Example: Sword starts outside of 5 hexes, if sword wins initiative then sword makes spear go first and runs around to side or if he can't he stays outside of 5 hexes (Spear went out to 9 hexes or something).  If Spear wins he probably make sword go first that way he can get within 5 hexes, as sword will make sure to end his turn outside of charging range.  Thus only when the Spearman is within 5 hexes and wins initiative is charge damage likely to be taken.  If they close the gap on even terms (ie no charge attack) sword should beat spear at a high percentage.

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> Joe -

I'll admit that I considered it after SJG re-acquired TFT and started the
forums, but I chose not to because 1) it takes virtually none of my time
or bandwidth to run and B) I still like mailing lists as opposed to forums.

The list isn't going to disappear any time soon.

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