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Re: What play aids do you use?

At 01:31 PM 5/3/2018, Rick wrote:
Iâ??ve really embraced the cardboard counter thing. I have a whole variety of
Dragons.  Their sizes are:

I've tried miniatures but almost always prefer TFT-style cardboard counters.

I like using transparent plastic hexmap overlays (which copy centers can make)
and laying them over paper maps, so I can draw maps on paper and then keep the
maps if needed for later action in the same place.

One thing Iâ??ve pushed on the SJG forum is having more variety of counters in
their supplements and games.  Does death test really need more giants, wolves
bears, gargoyles? Iâ??ve already got ALL of those in basic Melee and Wizard. If
DT gave me 2 Low Renders, 2 Termagants, a Phalanx & a Gantua, I might have
been tempted to buy 4 copies so I could get a decent size hive of bugs.

I bought Chitin mainly for the hymenopteran art, which I adjusted to the right
size to make counters with using photocopiers.

Not only do I think flat counters work best in play (especially when prone
figures start piling up), but they're of course cheap to mass-produce with
whatever art, especially today with computers and printers.