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Re: [Slope: Ch 10] Thrown Spell talent - change?

Hi everyone, Jack, Edward.
  My comments are inline below.  I reply to Edward’s email as well.

On May 4, 2018, at 1:47 PM, jackal@speakeasy.net wrote:

Oooo good points.

Yeah, Sleep & Freeze can be a problem. But I usually handled it by ruling that bosses aren't effected by such spells, the way some large figures aren't by other spells like Rope.

So a tough human (the bandit leader say) is not affected but his 
minions (say 5 attributes lower than him) are?  Would the player’s 
wizard know by looking at the leader that he is a boss?

I completely agree about buffs/debuffs. But Sleep & Freeze are debuffs.


I think, really, the problem is that TFT was designed as a combat game, not a role-playing game. ITL didn't change this. There's no balance in favor of survivability. Figure dies? No biggie, just create a new one of X points, and try your opponent again -- or just re-fight the same combat with the same Toon.

Yeah, you can go down the SV route. Gygax did. But I don't think it took him somewhere very good in the end. I like SJ's idea better, as I think we all do.

By SV, you mean survivability?  The biggest controller of SV is the GM’s 
style.  But D&D having resurrection type magic (which works long after 
the character is dead), is a major difference from TFT.

Maybe we need to think outside the box?

One alternative might be to add consequences to failure: for a potentially game breaking spell like Sleep, maybe if you fail it rebounds on the caster, putting him to sleep?

Handling such spells with consequences has an added benefit: it gives players more to chew on. They take on more risk and so have more satisfying choices to make.


- Jack

Generally I am happier with people casting more thrown spells rather 
than less.  I think that creations and missile spells are too powerful, so
saying that thrown spells might back fire is not my first choice.

The way my rules work now, is that killer debuts (like Sleep) have 
fairly easy saving throws, weaker ones (like Stop) have tougher ones 
or no saving throw.

Having spells in general possibly backfiring is a possibility.  One idea I
played around with was spells cast quickly (in one turn) could backfire, 
but spells cast carefully (in 3 turns) never did.  

On Fri, 04 May 2018 11:37:13 -0700, "Edward Kroeten" wrote:
I agree saving rolls for things like Sleep and Freeze.  That stupid Basilisk in Orb Quest wiped out a whole party my first time through.

Me too!  I hated that basilisk!