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Re: (TFT) Re: Wizard's ST/Fatigue

amorris5@concentric.net wrote:
> Point of clarification (unless I'm misunderstanding everyone's
> interpretation) -- my variant rules don't separate *Strength* from
> fatigue.  Strength is still the attribute.  All I do is separate fatigue
> loss from damage.  A Strength 12 wizard still has only 12 "hit points"
> and 12 points with which to cast spells.  It all comes from the same
> attribute.  I just didn't like (some interpretations) that after casting
> several spells, it suddenly took less damage to kill a wizard.
> --Andrew M.

I agree that spell casting should not wound the casting wizard, but it
does weaken him.

This is the way I interpret it: If a ST 12 Wizard casts 9 points worth
of spells, he would be unconscious following 2+ wound points, but it
would still take a total of 12 wound points to kill him. 
If allowed to rest an unconscious wizard would recover the fatigue at
the usual rate (1 per 15min). He would then have to heal any remaining

A wounded wizard would only have his current ST available for spell

Incidently, when a physicker treats injuries, I allow them to treat each
wound. e.g. If a figure received three wounds 2, 3 and 2 for a total of
7; a physicker could heal two points from each wound, rather than just
two points from the total. The physicker would have to spend the time to
treat each wound. I see it as first aid or stabilising the immediate
injury. I like to try and keep my player characters alive!


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