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(TFT) Re: Mental abilities of controlled characters

	In my campaign the wizard can not use the 
talents of controled figures.  


>All of this talk about Control Spells has got me to thinking ...
>Lets say that my wizard casts a Control Spell on a character
>with some Talent, X and then, on a later turn, orders that 
>character to perform an action requiring that talent.
>Can the character use the talent to their full level of
>ability?  If the wizard actually controls the physical
>motions of the the controlled character, I would argue 
>that the talent cannot be used to its full level of 
>ability since the wizard didn't have the talent to begin
>If, however, the wizard controls the character by placing
>an overriding thought, idea or desire into the controlled
>character, then the character might be able to use all of
>their talents to their maximum ability in order to 
>accomplish that task.
>Does anyone else have any ideas about this?

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