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Re: (TFT) For Sale: Fighting Fantasy and Metagaming odds &ends

Brett Slocum a écrit:

> From: Michael Taylor <MichaelTaylor1@compuserve.com>
> > Yeah, I agree, but then again I just payed $75 bucks for Azhanti High
> > Lightning and I thought it was worth it, so if somebody's willing to pay
> > it...
> Eeek! You're the one! I couldn't understand this, since I've been seeing this
> game consistently go for $15-35 on eBay. I just picked up a punched copy for
> $20 on eBay. And mint usually goes for the upper range. Get a hold on yourself!

I got it for 10$ in a private sale...unpunched, mint :-p  I also picked
up a VG copy of Empire of the Middle Ages for 15$ from a comic book
dealer once.  That sells regularly for 200$ plus.


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