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(TFT) Rick/Mack and parrying

Rick stated:

<> I've been thinking about Mack's system below:
> The thing that troubles me about it is this, I am in
>the front line fighting 3 figures.  I  take a -4 DX penalty and
>they each get -4 DX.  Effectively they are getting a total of
>-12 DX for my -4 DX.

and then Mack wrote:

<Sorry! Forgot to specify that the Dex penalty just applies to ONE(1)
or the total penalty (ex -4 dex) can be split amongst your attackers like
1 opponent (-4 dex)
2 opponents (-2 dex/ea or -1 and -3 or 0 and -4)
3 opponents ( -1, -1 and -2   or   0, -2 and -2  or etc.)>

This same concept is used in both MERP and Rolemaster, except it is called

I totally agree with what Rick stated but Mack's solution is good but it
could become confusing for the GM to control or "Didn't you say -3 on
attacker A, -1 on attacker B, and 0 on attacker C?"  This would get
confusing especially if you are running a battle with a large amount of

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