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RE: (TFT) TFT: Bowyer, Slings, Handicaps, & Crazy Egor's

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>>>>>>>It might make more sense to split this
>>>>>>>into two talents - a Flintknapping I at IQ 7 and Flintknapping II at
IQ 8 or
>>>>>>>9. Both would cost 1. The first talent would allow the making of
only crude

Well, I'm trying to run a "Tribes" campaign, but I don't know that I'd need
to get that detailed....

>>>>>>>Regarding primitives, such as Neanderthals, Indians, Aborignes, etc.
keep in
>>>>>>>mind that "primitive" does NOT equal "unintelligent" or "stupid"  

True, but in TFT terms, IQ 12 is Spying, Master Thief and Assess Value,
which seem a little more sosphisticated than the skill requires! More like
a "Mundane" talent for low tech societies really.

>>>>>>>Consider Stonehenge - not only did the construction require an
>>>>>>>amount of skill and effort, but it was capable of very precise
Now, Astronomy I could see at IQ 12! ^ ^

>>>>>>>My point? "Primitives" are often rated as having a "lower"
>>>>>>>when nothing could be further from the truth. Neanderthals get
really bad
>>>>>>>treatment - "IQ 7" is something of an insult to those poor offshoots
of Homo
>>>>>>>Sapiens. Poor blighters!

I don't really think of TFT Intelligence that way. I don't really "mutliply
x10" to get their Intelligence Quotient. Because IQ is covers the
sophistication and hard work involved in the skill, it seems to me that the
IQ rating is also a measure of how much oportunity there is to acquire the
skill. Any fool can be an Artist, but only if you in 3 Attribute points of
effort can be you 'talented' in it...

>>>>>>>(2) For some reason, they never seemed to grasp the concept of a

I wonder if maybe they didn't have any good examples to learn from...?

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