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RE: (TFT) Character Fragility

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>But when you start talking about people with DX 32 and
needing 9 dice to hit them ... that's a bit ***much***. And from a game
balance stand point, it becomes very difficult to devise encounters that
will be meaningful. Further, you have the same potential problem with
characters running amuck that you do in D&D.<

It seems like it's a LOT harder to get an advanced character in TFT than it
is in D&D. Are you REALLY going to run a campaign where the characters are
in danger of reaching DX 32? Plus the IQ 22 needed for DQV? 

Realistically only a dedicated buddist monk would every achieve DQ2, giving
them a grand total of 5/DX to be hit and 6/DX if Defending or Dodging. 

Is that really that big a deal for a dedicated martial arts Buddhist monk
character? Who else could get DX 20, IQ 16 and spend 5 IQ points?

14      3       Defensive Quickness I (needs DX 16+)
16      2       Defensive Quickness II (needs Defensive Quickness I, DX
18      2       Defensive Quickness II (needs Defensive Quickness II, DX
20      2       Defensive Quickness IV (needs Defensive Quickness III, DX
22      2       Defensive Quickness V (needs Defensive Quickness IV, DX

I mean, its one thing to want a more realistic portrayal of combat, but I
don't see DQ2 being that unbalancing....

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