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RE: (TFT) Character Fragility

	Realistically only a dedicated buddist monk would every achieve DQ2,
	them a grand total of 5/DX to be hit and 6/DX if Defending or

	Is that really that big a deal for a dedicated martial arts Buddhist
	character? Who else could get DX 20, IQ 16 and spend 5 IQ points?

	14      3       Defensive Quickness I (needs DX 16+)
	16      2       Defensive Quickness II (needs Defensive Quickness I,
	18      2       Defensive Quickness II (needs Defensive Quickness
	20      2       Defensive Quickness IV (needs Defensive Quickness
	22      2       Defensive Quickness V (needs Defensive Quickness IV,

	I mean, its one thing to want a more realistic portrayal of combat,
but I
	don't see DQ2 being that unbalancing....

Maybe, maybe not. I have trouble envisioning just about anybody with a 20 DX

Keep in mind that 5 dice to hit someone is not a trivial roll - that would
mean Mr. Monk could probably take out a dragon unaided with impunity
(especially if he has any additional magical help). Just to have a 50%
chance to hit requires an 18 DX ... So, yes, it is going to be a more
difficult proposition to balance things. Sure, it can be done, but remember:
Just because you /can/ do a thing does not mean you ought to...

Mind you I'm just giving my educated opinion - I personally don't even
***care*** how you choose to run your campaign. That's your worry, not mine.
If hack and slash is all you want, then TFT is certainly a good system for
it, since it allows some creativity via tactics, unlike D&D which turns it
into a dice rolling exercise. I, on the other hand, like a little less
emphasis on combat and more on role playing. I find that having a fairly
realistic system helps this. If all I wanted was a good tactical exercise,
I'd just stick with Melee and Wizard and have randomly generated arena

I'm not trying to dictate anything to anybody - its up to the reader/GM to
decide what to include and what to ignore. My suggestions are geared towards
the group that's interested in a more thoughtful campaign, perhaps one based
on a historical background. Folks who want something akin to "Marvel
Superheroes" probably won't be interested. Folks who want to hack spear
carriers to pieces will probably ignore it. And that's perfectly ***fine***!
The point /is/ to have fun, if memory serves. 

Personally, I don't see the point in hacking up a bunch of 25-30 point spear
chuckers (or the equivalent balance in super powerful players vs. the other
side) - that's not even an interesting tactical exercise. If the play is
that light, I'd rather go for a game or two of Nuclear War ("Anybody got
change for 10 million people ...?") or Illuminati and conquer the world. The
level of tactics is about the same, but the latter two are far more amusing
(in a sick and twisted kind of way) But that's my opinion - not my dictate.
Run your campaign anyway you please - if all you want is to smack monsters
around and nab the loot, then /do so/! It's what makes it fun for ***you***
that counts. No one here is obligated to even *read*, much less adopt, any
of my rules suggestions or comments. Nor is the reverse true.

Again - its your universe. Run as you see fit.

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