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(TFT) TFT: Boomerangs, Magic Items, and Howard

Grabowski writes . . .

>A general question for the whole list and I am sure most of you sometimes
>think about.  "Why does a boomerang do the same amount of damage as a light

   Good question.  I'll ask Steve next time I see him (which happens maybe
once a year).
   I came up with this rule change to correct the problem . . .

   Boomerangs now do only 1 die of damage.  (They normally do 2 dice.)
Otherwise boomerangs are simply too powerful compared to other missile
weapons.  Sorry about that, all of you legions of Hobbit flingers.

>Another question for the list, "What is your favorite TFT magic item (or
>what would you do with that extra $20000)???

   Other than a +2 Charm?  If I had to boil it down to just one which offers
the best bang for the buck I'd choose a Maintain Illusion item.  This is
great fun!  For a mere 3000 silver you too can have a giant octopus (armed
w/three bastard swords) follow you around wherever you go; ready to slice
and dice the first few bad guys who get in your way.  Or make an illusion of
something more believeable -- such as a myrmidon -- and foes you encounter
won't even think to try disbelieving since they didn't see it appear out of

Joe Hartley writes . . .

!! The more I learn about HT, the less I like him.  I have what I believe
is a first edition DT (punched - sorry, Mav!) which is (c) 1978 by
Steve Jackson.

   I kind of feel the same way, Joe.
   If I ever get anything else published, I'll have to insist that I get
properly credited for my work and that it say that in the contract.  Taking
Steve's name off the cover of Death Test is tantamount to saying,
"Metagaming is the author.  We wrote this." and taking credit for someone
else's creation.  Even professional music pirates don't stoop this low.

Dave Seagraves
Seagraves Design Bureau   dseagraves@austin.rr.com   1 (512) 255-2760
"I said /lunch/, not LAUNCH!"

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