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(TFT) TFT: Bowyer, Slings, Handicaps, & Crazy Egor's

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   I like both of these ideas.  I'll add sling construction to the Sling
skill, and your Bowyer skill is good too, but I think the IQ should be
raised to at least 10 -- I think bow making takes more brains than average,
perhaps more than Armourer.  I suggest making Bowyer IQ 10 and Master
IQ 12.
   (If you want to get a little silly, make this the prerequisite of Master
Bowyer: "Must have had a great-grandfather who was also a master bow
I heard Japanese bowyers make their bows from wood that had been cured and
stored by their great-grandfather decades ago, and they in turn do the same
for /their/ future great-grandson!)
   Crossbows are made using the Master Mechanician talent.
   I like Flintknapping as well.


Uh...this pretty much makes it impossible to have neanderthals with bow,
much less indians or aborignes.....

I'd actually make the both Bowyer/Fletcher and Flintknapping only cost 1 IQ
point as well, the keep them realistically within reach of these peoples...

Just a thought....

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