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RE: (TFT) Dexterity Problem in TFT

For myself, I do not see the current DX/ combat rules as a problem.  For
myself they simply fall short of how I like to play out combat in my own
games.  So I added the one defense roll per turn into the game.  It does not
make combat less deadly by any means and at most extends combat an extra
couple turns.  From a game enjoyment perspective, this just makes more sense
to my players as they want to have a chance to dodge or parry a blow and see
their enemies do the same. My way is not the one true way, nor do I believe
adherence to rules book carries any additional weight either.

My home brew game adds clerical abilities, Saving throws versus magic and a
host of other little tweaks that makes it fun for us to play, and in the end I
think that's the most important point.  It's a game, and games are supposed to
be fun.  I do not view TFT as a simulator nor try to add realism to a fantasy
world.  Combat is still gritty and deadly even with a defense roll.

I just add what makes the game more enjoyable and fun to play for me and my
friends.  Your own opinions on the matter will (and should) vary as I don;t
believe there is one right answer here.
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