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Re: (TFT) MA issues, proposed fix

On May 7, 2011, at 3:18 AM, Jay Carlisle wrote:

----- Original Message ----- From: "Joey Beutel"

Sure, maybe runners get an advantage, as do some other atheltic
talents. Added together could allow this sort of thing, with DX rolls.
But frankly I don't think thats too relevant for a base rule of what
an average guy can or can't do while sprinting.

I agree but I also think that people want to play hero's or wizards that are an "idealized" version of themselves. If I'm playing a reciever character in a NFL type game I wanna be Jerry Rice... at least to start. I don't want to put my fat-assed stats up against a Beckham on a futball pitch.
"I" am Conan...
Try to limit me to my real-world fatness and I might just decide that my only real option is a trigger... but this is "escapism".
In escapism I AM a hero... if just for a little while...
Sure, but why do you need to find out the specific stats of a real world athlete to be all the details of your hero? Isn't it good enough that he can run really fast, turn faster than others (regardless of what it would actually clock at in real life), make difficult maneuvers (high DX), bash heads and doors (high ST), and can generally beat pretty much everyone else at everything? Sure, this isn't generally my style of game, where most of the characters tend to be more high end average than superheroic, but if you need superheroism to get into the role, it can be done with what is already there.
A lot of folks who HATE the nerdism of RPG's as a history are happy to try it as a "football player".
I've never seen this personally, because as I mention below, these people generally prefer football video games, rarely board games, or usually just to actually throw the football around.
Isn't it a bit silly to ignore non-leatheal compitition?

Not if no one wants to play it as an RPG. Not that no one does, but I've never encountered anyone who wants to play TFT as a football player. Most people who want to play as football players in anything I end up just playing football with or doing a game designed to play football (these are either video games with a mix of 'action' and strategy, or various miniatures or board games that are basically just strategy, so not RPGs).
You've only got so much Population after all... unless your pulling all of this outta your ass i.e. making it up as you go along.
I don't see how in game population has anything to do with this.

"I just wanna play" is fine... but your saying "I don't wanna design" in many ways.
I feel this has more to do with the Population thing (again, totally irrelevant in this conversation, and it seems to me that it was only brought up to set up a jab at my ability to GM) than the football thing, which I already said you could design (emphasis on the design) talents and rules for doing stuff like that... which was in reference to the designing of special new sprinting rules. So... yeah.

What's the joke that's becoming an old saw now?
"Pop the <insert something living deemed unimportant here> on the head and get x-gold coins."

Players dont want to be average, they want to be hero's... but in the way I count it average helps describe the bell curve that tells players that they are preforming above average... and then they can get a great dice roll...
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