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Re: (TFT) Daily Life...

why not just buy a GURPS module? I've a couple of "world books", one for Greece (nice example of history v. myth) and one for Wolf's Book of the New Sun which is an unusual mix of sci-fi fantasy. Presently, there are so many GURPS books, that it's not even a question of finding something that suits, but to what degree it suits your mood. Oh, and then of course there's "Yrth" which is SJs version of Cidri from TFT. I hope I got the names right, I'm a bit out of the loop, can't even find the books at present.

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On Tuesday, October 4, 2011, gem6868 wrote:
I guess I've always been a fan of strong story lines, and none of my group
ever had time to create a world, we'd just create "an adventure".
Personally, as someone who's already quite active in the world, I've no
interest in gaming "life".  I'd rather just go on a specific quest.  If it
involves tossing a ring in a pit, fine, as long as it has a beginning,
middle and end.

Well sure, I can do that.
Do you want to keep the same "character" from story to story though?
I can do that too, but it's a little different from the one shot stories.
Does your "character" grow over the course of the story or are you more a
Bart Simpson or Hardy Boy trapped in a world of self-similar "adventure"
where the future ends with the main character?
That's in "the Number of the Beast" too.
Nothing wrong with it.
I just like a sandbox approach.
My pleasure comes from seeing what players do with the resources I describe.
I've tried to make building up as fun as killing.
Killing is still the big threat, it's just reserved for the "king" in a well
run domain.
To kill without the "states" sanction is probably going to be against the
So how does the "state" back that up?
Is that designed ahead of time or does the GM pick how many he's gonna use
outta the "plot"?
It's not about right or wrong but about communicating how a GM "sees" things
to their Players.
It kindda sucks to find out a particular GM is pretty restrictive about
magic over the course of play especially if you've picked a wizard as your
Let me know about that BEFORE I start play please... just so I can make an
informed decision.
We'll both have more fun that way.
Who says an ultra-realistic approach is any better than a super-hero view
from a play perspective?
Just tell me how you're "seeing" things as a GM, it's your world, I wanna
You seem like a high IQ person, I'd like to see some of your game-worlds,
I'd bet on them Sir but if you have no time for game-world creation because
of real-world duties then I reckon that I appreciate your input and will try
and accommodate your thoughts in my game-worlds.
An a,b,c progression isn't precluded in a larger picture, it's just you'd
have options to ignore if all you can afford is the occasional game session.
If you can only show to play once every month or two I might make your
character a prominent businessman or contractor around town who gets a vote
on the councel or otherwise produces over larger chuncks of "downtime" than
your day to day player.
That way when you show up to play....
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