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Re: (TFT) Re: Nostalgia

At 01:49 PM 8/7/2014, Jeffrey Vandine wrote:
Speaking as one who would have FOUGHT in that war, had it happened, putting
 my head in the sand and ignoring it never seemed like much of an alternati
ve.  Sometimes, we don't get to choose our fights.  I was stationed in
Berlin, Germany from 1985 through 1988.

Mmm. I guess what I particularly don't like is when a game is _enthusiastic_
about something that would be horrible and something that should be avoided,
and portrays it in a way that makes it look like fun or heroics, instead of
the horror that it really would be.

I don't think there was much chance that WW3 would have involved supercool
robot tanks making a WW2-esque tank playground out of the world, so I think
Ogre worked better by making it more generic and sci fi.

Helltank and Helltank Destroye
r were interesting from two different aspects -- the first being that it pr
ovided a slightly different take on future war from Ogre/GEV, and, in some
ways, was more balanced and realistic.  The second being that once again
H.T. was doing his best to undermine a Steve Jackson product.  Had Hellta
nk and HD been better playtested and had a little bit more money spent for
improved graphics, they might have even succeeded.  As it was, while they
 were interesting to play, they lacked some of the excitement of Ogre/GEV.

Yes the "Helltank" was a pretty transparent riff on the Ogre. They might've
done better with a more completely original design.

At 01:55 PM 8/7/2014, Jeffrey Vandine wrote:
Interesting.  I tried to reply to this e-mail, only to have Yahoo reject
my reply because of the title of the games we were talking about.  Isn't
THAT special?  I guess the nannystate has definitely taken over.

That is extra-special. Geez Louise.
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