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Re: (TFT) Disengaging - Revision in Melee - Not a free attack.

Hi Gem,
  I think you are hung up on the phrase "free attack", which you have been using.

  It is not a free attack, the opponent uses his action to do it.  Additionally it is an 
attack at a DX penalty, so far from being free, it is an attack at a (potentially) 
significant penalty.  Think of it as a, "likely wasted attack".

  Warm regards, Rick.

On 2014-08-30, at 7:25 AM, gem6868 wrote:

> from the fencing lessons I had, I just don't buy into the idea that a disengage invites a "free attack".  Basically, if I can retreat faster than you can advance [whether I'm just plain faster or I fake you out] then I'm going to disengage successfully.  Especially if you're tired or intimidated.
> So what I'm saying in I don't believe "disengage automatically = greater vulnerability".
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> Subject: Re: (TFT) Disengaging - Revision in Melee
> Hi Gem,
> I am not fond of your suggestion.  It would cause DX rolls anytime someone
> disengages.  Also the logic is a little suspect.  I move away from you.  I might
> get hit while I leave, but what prevents me from going?  Especially if I am a
> knight with armor and you have a wimpy little dagger.
> The rules in the revised Melee only are needed in the particular circumstance
> where things are broken, so they rarely slow down the game.
> Warm regards, Rick.

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