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Re: (TFT) Spear vs. Shortsword maneuvers

I think it's 75%, but I'd say it's reasonable to have it 100% with the option to have it happen or not.

It's possible for it to happen again, too, in a real fight, since disengagement or falling down can give the chance to charge again. Falling could be coded in, but disengagement is sort of a judgement call... well, actually, I guess if the pole-user has higher DX than the non-pole-user, it makes sense for them to disengage after a charge and hope to win initiative to get another charge in... Hmm, actually, in 1 vs 1 combat on an open map with no helpful obstacles, my sleepy head is thinking there's no way (other than shield rush, HTH, or knocking him down with damage) to force a normal engagement on a pole user who has higher DX, since he can disengage before you attack him in a non-charge engagement. So maybe it actually becomes 100% if the pole user has higher adj DX.

At 05:34 PM 10/19/2015, David Bofinger wrote:
If someone can come up with a good estimate for the chance of a first round
charge, why not include that in the simulator? The current value of 100%
must be too high. The real value would depend on MA.

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