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Re: (TFT) Really? ... Really?

lol... I'm truly honored by You assessment.
I actually was expelled from kindergarten then again in 9th grade and
the Baton Rouge Parish system deseg fiasco made sure I for example was
placed in remedial classes after passing the testing for the gifted
program in a reverse Gump debacle that... well that I can pass as
edjumacated at all is actually something I consider quite the
compliment considering how I'm about as far from educated as it was
likely possible to manage baring straight Nell tway wike ah tway end
de winde raised by wolf isolation.
As to story... I understand the role of meta-Player Game
Organizational Director was a reaction to all the "Rules Lawyers" GG
et al were faced with in early D&D which I've come to feel is more the
result of that god awful excuse for a ruleset rather than some odd
lure RPG's had for argumentative types through no particular fault of
the game that had mass combat, jousting, management, duels, and etc
only becoming the dungeon crawl focus after white box without WI
oversight only managed the d20 dungeon functionality for most early
adapters... IMHO and experience at least. If that hodge podge of huh
were written and organized well maybe the Rules Lawyers wouldn't have
needed to inquire after so much errata perhaps? I only trust such
anecdotes so far even uttered from the source close in time to the
events being considered. Granted it's better than the word of mouth
rumor a lot of the factual events were obscured by pre-internets
period but ask Me why RPG's as a focus and watch Me wax over the
import and artseyness rather than play up the pathetic...
Of course pathetic depends on the import personally placed on a
particular activity to some extent so silly can surpass sublime if one
stands back far enough and squints just right...
Again IMHO

On Tue, Dec 1, 2015 at 3:41 PM, Joe Beutel <mejobo@comcast.net> wrote:
>> Sullying theory with practice. How
>> uncouth.
> Sir, do you happen to be affiliated with the University of Chicago?
> I think you'd fit right in here. How do you feel about fried chicken?
> As to that paper, yeah, it seems silly to me to treat story as so fundamenta
> l to the experience of a game that telling players "in this game you're a gu
> y playing a game" really changes their overall identification with protagoni
> sts and so on...
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>> On Dec 1, 2015, at 3:30 PM, Jay Carlisle <maou.tsaou@gmail.com> wrote:
>> I get a listing of various academic papers pertaining to gaming from a
>> few different sources that I tend to view hypercritically owing to My
>> sour grape timing that was too early for dead sheep cred pity party
>> that reads such papers with a point to prove prior to picking them up.
>> The fact that so many of these papers practically play along with My
>> prejudice is something I tend to view as a personal gig from the
>> Universe because hey... Jay. If I don't assign Myself that kind of
>> importance who will? Eschatological Pantheistic Multiple-Ego Solipsism
>> and Me. Fine in function until another Player mucks up My perfect
>> Utopia with actual participation... Sullying theory with practice. How
>> uncouth.
>> Anyway that's a recent paper
>> This is pre-publication version of: Apperley, T. and Clemens, J. “
> The
>> Biopolitics of Gaming: Avatar-Player Self-Reflexivity in Assassin’
> s
>> Creed II.” In M. Kapell from a theme on the play vs. story divide i
> n
>> game studies which is a flawed conception in assuming story as a core
>> element of "game" axiomatically. But that's just Me. Just thought the
>> sanitation engineer verbosity was worth the cut and paste posting.
>> Still haven't found how the avatar recursively affects Me...
>> Anyway that's what's up with that... I may be wacky but this isn't?
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