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Re: (TFT) Abstraction in game design - rpg design.

"To clarify my point regarding computer games: I’m merely suggesting
that the idea of a game as a story-telling device that forms story from
the combination of (multi)player input that is ‘resolved’ by game
mechanics so that there’s a concrete final form to the story that has
some sense of reality that is universal to the audience can be applied
to both tabletop games and to video games."

Ahhhhh pshwe
I'z sweating this a bit and that really does clarify for Me so donkey
shines Sir, We're not a laugerheads over this... I didn't think so and
was a bit surprised to think otherwise...
I feel (good evidence right there) that this exists more in potential
than practice but I feel that's a business thing more than design... I
think I mentioned the industry strategy for troublesome creative types
but the reason is plainly stated here...
Ergo the Mass Effect three red green blue ending fail after such hype
I think they might have pulled off something given their head but instead

computer issues so sorry and back later

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