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Re: Combat Acrobatics in TFT.

Hi Jack,
  It is IQ 12 and costs 3 memory (6 for wizards).  That by itself would make
it unattractive for many characters.  Further, it requires 5 and 6 die rolls vs 
DX.  So unless your DX is really high, the talent does not do much for you.  
So lower DX figures would not bother with it.  (I would likely not bother with
it unless my DX was 15+.)

  However, once you are running 45+ attribute figures, perhaps this talent
IS too good?  

  Another problem is that someone with it uses it a LOT.  Many extra dice
rolls.  Perhaps people should get the number of targets equal to IQ/5 (round 
down).  Fewer targets means fewer rolls.

  I’m not chomping at the bit to add this to my campaign.  But given the 
Idea of a Combat Acrobatics talent, I was wondering what it would look 

  Warm regards, Rick.

On May 4, 2018, at 10:18 AM, jackal@speakeasy.net wrote:

Rick -

Interesting idea. Essentially, you get a boost every 4 IQ. Nice.

But it feels to me more like a Super Hero talent. What fighter wouldn't take it? Or Wizard, for that matter?

I would also hesitate to introduce it because it would unbalance combats. Getting zerged by a bunch of goblins is bad: this talent would mitigate much of the risk, it seems to me.

Am I missing something?


- Jack

On Fri, 4 May 2018 06:15:36 -0700, Rick wrote:

Hi all,
  On the SJG forum Steve Jackson said that he felt that the number of talents and their costs was just right.  So we will have IQ 22 Groos and Conans in the new TFT.  Still.  Sigh.
  I argued one final time against this, asking "does a 32 attribute figure with Sword and Fencing know it all?"  Then Ty, (hi Ty), said "why not have them take Acrobatics?"  I pointed out that Acrobatics allows you to avoid falls better and climb better.  But a Combat Acrobatics talent would be cool.
  But that suggests…
IQ 12
COMBAT ACROBATICS (3) requires Acrobatics.
Divide your IQ by 4 (round down) = X.  This number, X, is the number of ‘targets' you can watch each turn.
At the start of the turn, you may designate up to X targets, within 3 Megahexes of you.  (Your own Mh is range zero.)  You gain two bonuses verses your targets on that turn:
— Any time a target figure attacks you unarmed, with melee weapons, thrown weapons, missile weapons, or a missile spell, you may make an “acrobatic dodge” by making a 5vsDX.  If you succeed, they must attack you, but their attack is at -4 DX.  If you fail, they can attack you normally, and you may make no further Acrobatic Dodges that turn.  
— In addition to the above effect, you may make an “Acrobatic Attack” against one or more of your targets.  (If you attack more than once, you must have the ability to make multiple attacks somehow.)  You must make a 6vsDX, but if you succeed, your next attack will do an additional 3 points of damage.  If you fail, your next attack gains no bonus, and you may not make any further Acrobatic Attacks on that turn.
  (You get no experience for the rolls generated by the Acrobatic Dodges and Attacks, but defeating more enemies, more quickly should give you a modest experience bonus.)
Comments are welcome!
Warm regards, Rick.