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Re: TFT -> several hundred counters... in PDF by any chance?? Yes!

Hi Craig,
  I forgot about my Zombie counter sheet.  I was running a TFT Zombie campaign set 
in the modern world, and as an experiment, I tried making the counters in the GIMP 
program.  It took me a lot longer than just drawing the counters by hand, but once 
done I can make endless copies with no effort.

  It is in my TFT pages (Game Master Files and Essays), on the Brainiac site.


  You are free to use them for your own non-commercial use, but if you republish 
them, please pass on that I created these, and retain all rights.

Warm regards, Rick.

On Jul 29, 2020, at 5:11 PM, CRAIG BARBER <craigwbar@comcast.net> wrote:

Hi Rick;
I don't suppose you happened to make those counters in any electronic format?  
W/R  Craig B