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(TFT) A few thinfs

     I've been reading the messages the past few days, and got me to
thinking.  A group I ran years ago, I came up with some ideas that

1.  Concerning Advantages & Disadvantages:  Assignng experiece points
vice attribute points.  When you have enough e.p., you can purchase an
attribute.  IE  Missing an arm would give a character 100 e.p.  Being
ambidextrous might cost 100 e.p.  It was possible to go into negitive
e.p. (but not below 32 points for a human character) and build up from

2.  In a Dragon magazine (I forget the issue) it had skills that could
be bought & paid for through e.p.  In TFT terms, this could be done:
Multiply the IQ cost by 10, and this is the percentage of EP each time
you used the talent.  An example:  Sword would cost 20% of e.p. each
time it was used.  You still had to have the min. IQ level and have the
prerequisites.  Mas. Thief would take 40% e.p. (if e.p. is given for
such a talent) -- 20% for Thie & 20% for Mas. Thief -- and require the
character to have an IQ 12.

3.  Haveing "Mana" areas.  Low-Mana areas require double ST to cast a
spell, and High-Mana areas requireing half the ST (with a min. of 1, of
course).  Normal Mana areas requireing regular ST cost.

4.  On a previous message, someone brought up the fact that an odd
Illusion/Image might be easy to disbelieve.  In such a case, how about a
2/Iq roll to disbelieve?  Too, peraps a spell that would make it harder
to disbelieve an Illusion/Image in the first place?  It would cost 2 ST
per 1d6 to cast, and 1 ST per turn per 1d6 to maintain.  Example:
Casting this spell to add 2d6 for a nomal (ie believeable)
Illusion/Image -- making 5d6 to disbelieve -- cost 4 ST to cast and 2 ST
per turn to maintain.  An Image will still dissappear when touched, just
harder to disbelieve.  This is somthing I though of off the top of my
head, and I don't know if it would be a Thrown or Special spell.

  Anyway, these are just some ideas.

Sincerely, Craig


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