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Re: (TFT) 8 hits or more --> Duration of fall

Hi David, everyone.
  The way we play is that if you are knocked down
for any reason EXCEPT DAMAGE then you get up 
during movement.

  If you fall down because of damage then you get
up during option phase at your adj DX.

  This makes falling because of damage very
dangerous.  I also use the pole weapons must do a
3 hex charge to get the double damage bonus, so
they have to have running and some room to get
the double damage attack.  (And they can't be
engaged to someone else of course.)

  I basically assume that where there is a 
contradiction, the later, larger rules in AM / AW
take precedence.

  Regards, Rick.

On Thu, 2006-11-09 at 08:31, David O. Miller wrote:
> This brings up a point that came up during a game I had the good 
> fortune to play with another member of this list recently. In all of 
> the mircoquest versions of Melee it states that you stand up (after 
> being knocked down) on your next turn, "during movement". In the 
> advanced rules "during movement" is deleted leaving one to rationalize 
> that you stand up on your DX as an option during combat. This 
> completely changes the game in so many ways. ...
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