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Re: (TFT) Man To Man & GURPS - was Re: (TFT) The return of Ogre - Rick did something silly.

At 12:21 AM 8/2/2014, Jeffrey Vandine wrote:
D&D was out for several years before TFT hit the streets, and was alread
y big news.  I was a "johnny come lately" member of the early D&D crew, a
nd I was playing it with my brother and our friends by 1975.  Melee wasn'
t published until 1977 and Wizard in 1978.  TFT didn't make it out Metaga
ming's door until 1980, and by then D&D had long been one of those "mega-tr
ends" that used to happen back then (and probably still do -- I just don't
pay much attention to them anymore).  The bottom line here is that Steve
said the reason he CREATED Melee was because he didn't like the way combat
was handled in D&D -- which certainly tells us which came first.

Thanks for this correction. I only discovered interesting games about 1978,
and people I knew only found D&D in 1980, hence my perception.

... Not sure where you get the idea that
the Hero games were the progenitors for TFT, though -- they were mostly pub
lished after TFT was out ("Champions," the earliest one I remember, was pub
lished in 1981), and quite a while after Melee was.  Besides, again, I re
fer you to Steve's Designer's Notes in which he tells you EXACTLY where he
was coming from.

Thanks. You had said GURPS, so I was talking about GURPS, not TFT, when I
wrote about the Hero Games influence.

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