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Re: (TFT) Pole weapon users must charge 3 hexes in a straight line rule.

On Mon, 2004-05-03 at 10:33, pvk@oz.net wrote:
> Our players similarly noticed the deadly polearm issue, and the Interplay
> article, and dismissed the "run three hexes" rule (and in my case, forgot
> all about it) after considering how silly the movement would be (think too
> of non-pole users "zig-zagging into combat" to negate the enemy defensive
> charge bonus). 

	I used the must be 3 hexes in a straight
line rule for a while, but when I started seriously
revising the TFT rules, I said that you must 
decrease the distance between the characters by
3 hexes.  This way if you had the momentum you got
the double damage, but you did not have to worry 
about hex grain issues.  

	However I was giving TFT rules, and not my
own house rules in the previous emails.

> We did keep the suggestion in Interplay to let 2-handed
> swords try to chop through polearms, but that didn't work particularly
> often.

	Me too.  As you said, it did not come up
very often.

> I think David's (add a die damage instead of doubling) revision 
> actually looks like a pretty ideal solution, though.

	I think the 'add one die on charges' rule
would work well.  However I was never really bothered
by the pike axes doing double damage.  My PC's fought
enough REALLY tough monsters with high armor that they 
appreciated the chance to do some ungodly amount of 

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