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Re: (TFT) Pole weapon users must charge 3 hexes in a straightline rule.

Rick Smith wrote:

>         I think the 'add one die on charges' rule
> would work well.  However I was never really bothered
> by the pike axes doing double damage.  My PC's fought
> enough REALLY tough monsters with high armor that they
> appreciated the chance to do some ungodly amount of
> damage.

I understand about the tough monsters issue. I have found during play that
using a +1D6 rule makes them tougher to kill and thus makes my PC's respect
them more.

Using the double damage rules I've had my PC's take down seven hex dragons
pretty easily with a few pole weapons and some good rolls. Problem was all my
PC's ever armed themselves with were pole weapons! Why take anything else? Then
I found myself trying to limit the number of pole weapons allowed in the group
to control this trend. With my rule variant they now take a variety of weapons.

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